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Welcome to the Union Wear Store! We’re excited to launch our new Union brand with many styles to choose from so that you can sport Union “wear-ever” you go, both inside and outside of the office!


The Union Wear store will only be open for 10 days every 3 months. The time to buy Union Wear this round will be November 12 – 22.


We’re proud of our Union Community Care brand, because the merger of Lancaster Health Center & Welsh Mountain Health Centers was built upon the foundation of unity. As Union Community Care, our purpose is to spark equity through patient-led healthcare that welcomes and strengthens our communities by integrating body, mind, and heart. We envision vibrant and healthy communities supported by inclusive healthcare that embraces each member’s unique culture, needs, and values, and emboldens them to make healthful choices that fuel their well-being and the well-being of others.


Now, let’s live our purpose with style! To kick off our Union Wear store, every FKA LHC/WMHC item you return will count as a credit. Once your returned items are totaled, you will be given a number of items returned to use at checkout. We will offer this credit for the first open Union Wear store only (November 12 – 22). After that, staff will be responsible for purchasing Union wear. However, we’re making it easy and affordable by offering payroll deduction for up to 6 pay periods. Just select how many pay periods you would like to stretch out your payments when you check out, and we’ll take care of the rest.


Here's what you do:

  • Return all items to Emily Terlizzi, who will give you a number to use at checkout
  • Once you have your number, shop away!
  • At checkout, select the number of items returned that Emily gave you
  • Select payment info option as Union paycheck
  • Select how many paychecks you would like to take to pay the amount back
  • Checkout and wait for your Union Wear to be delivered to your site!


If you’re wondering what we’re doing with FKA LHC/WMHC wear, Union will be donating all returned clothing items to Outreach Paraguay.


Note: Union wear is optional - Staff are not required to purchase any amount of Union wear. When ordering Union Wear, there are NO RETURNS on already branded clothing items purchased, so please purchase thoughtfully.


Happy shopping!

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North Star Custom Apparel is the best company I have ever worked with. They are patient, informative, and kind. They go the extra mile on customer service.

  • Andy Evans
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